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21st Century Believer cover of EP
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“Amazing experience we loved the live performance. Thanks for the amazing album, listening to it alot'

Jen & Amber
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Inspiration comes the old greats, like Iggy Pop, Pink Floyd and The Saints. The Naddiks from every direction, from around the world, and through all styles of music. On their EP 21CB (i.e., 21st Century Believer), Australian rock trio the Naddiks blend the proto-punk of Stiff Little Fingers and the Undertones (or fellow Aussies Midnight Oil without the social agenda) with inspirational lyrics that chronicle lead singer Joel Steenbergen’s journey from potential self-destruction to redemption through Christ. Unlike the hair metal of Stryper or the mainstream sound of many Christian rock bands, the Naddiks give their lyrical tales a straight ahead pounding. The six-track EP rocks hard, with Steenbergen’s emo vocals wailing on tracks such as “21st Century Believer.” If rock was once considered the devil’s music, the Naddiks turn it back on the devil, whose trickeration is reported and rejected on “Destroy Me.” The EP’s key track, “Human Condition,” uses two dramatic vignettes about young people who lost their lives to shake its head at the decline of societal values. “It’s sad, the human condition,” the group ponders, “where they could have been or what they could have said.” Heavy, Naddiks, but spot on.

I Wanna Be Your Dog

The Naddiks release an old fav, cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog by Iggy Pop and the Stooges.

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The Naddiks are bringing back that live rock feeling, who cares about over-edited, voice corrected, mainstream slush being spilled into our digital airways. They just want an experience with them and their music.
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Bullies are cowards, call them trolls, call them whatever you want, they get meaning out of life by harming others - to hell with them and their cowardly bs they try and push onto their victims, Stop Listen & Love comes from personal experience. Why end your life or self harm when you are worth more that a 1000 worthless cowardly tossers trying to convince the world they are important - Dont hurt yourself, be amazing, dont give any scumbag bully that satisfaction.

Music is the best way to express sensitive feelings. Love and hatred magnify in times of war as apposed to peace. The power that music possesses influences people via their emotions, magnifying their imagination. The Naddiks rightfully use the power of music in spreading the message of war devastation. The track “Still I am Sad

(Remastered)” is a soulful song which vividly highlights the effects of war. The pain victims feel, especially the children who are overshadowed with the sense of insecurity is beautifully described through the introspective lyrics. The song utilises guitars, keyboard and flute which hypnotically set the tone of the song.


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Jay Peters

"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive"


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"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive"


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"Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive"


Previously unreleased music

The music is being remixed, remastered, previously unreleased music is being released over the coming months

Iggy Pop

I Wann Be Your Dog

The Naddiks cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog is now out!

Dolly Rocker

Post Naddiks

Dolly Rocker was recorded by Band Express, the original Label for The Naddiks. Using original riffs and a new singer, it received rave reviews when released. It is the only song released without the original singer Joel.