Still I’m Sad (Remastered)

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Still I’m Sad (Remastered)

Still I’m Sad (Remastered)

For the victims of war, the children and families

The Naddiks are an Australian alternative rock band which experiments in music new age and old, consists of Joel Steenbergen, Kurt Schiffer, Nick Steenbergen & Luke Schiffer. This band has gained huge prominence due to their unusual compositions which deal with real life situations affecting people. The track “Still I’m Sad” is an extraordinary song that vividly portrays the situations faced by the victims of war. Remixed and remastered by Band Express, this powerful track raises awareness of the plight of families in war and refugees.

Music is the best way to express sensitive feelings. Love and hatred through war and peace, the power that music possesses influences people beyond imagination. The Naddiks rightfully use the power of music in spreading the message of war devastation. The track “Still I am Sad” is a soulful song which vividly highlights the effects of war. The pain the victims feel, especially the children who are overshadowed with the sense of insecurity is beautifully described through the introspective lyrics. The song uses instruments like guitars, keyboard and flute which hypnotically set the tone of the song.

The Naddiks have always focused on the themes of their tracks. They’re compositions push awareness of real life situations. This exceptional track is energizing yet heart breaking. Pushing their craft and dedication towards confronting the worst and best of humanity through this song. Although the theme is sad, the punk and zest of alternative rock music is kept alive, if only to really emphasise the heart-breaking reality of the subject matter.
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Produced by: Band Express