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Influenced by punk, proto-punk, and rock greats, The Naddiks find themselves in a vein of music that can only be described as raw and energetic. Musicians like The Stooges, Rolling stones, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, The Vines, and many more are some of the names that led the band to where they are today. You won't hear any overproduced, polished tracks from The Naddiks, just unrelenting rock music.

The Naddiks - Joel Steenbergen, Kurt Schiffer, Nick Steenbergen

The Naddiks are a 3 piece alternative-rock-band founded by lead singer song writer Joel Steenbergen early in 2009. Later that year they took on manager/promoter Richard Schiffer who immediately started them playing they're tunes throughout the Canberra/ACT Region. A demo EP was then recorded in 2010 originally called 'Get Evolved'. Some of the tracks from this album were later remastered, the most succssful being 'RagTop'. In 2012 The Naddiks released they're debut album 'Amber Sun'. The album was recorded partially in 2 inch tape and all tracks were masked with hydrophonic microphones. The drummer at the time of recording, Shaun Buchannan left the band and was replaced by Joel's younger brother Nick Steenbergen. Kurt Schiffer is the bass player and backup vocalist.

By 2013 Amber Sun has had play both digitally and live on several local radio stations in Australia where (The Naddiks were named Artist of the month on 2XX Local n Live program in November). They were also played in Germany, Canada, USA & Poland.

The Naddiks are heavily influenced by both past and present greats such as Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Nirvana, The Vines, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and ACDC to name a few.

They're latest release 21CB, is a complete inward journey, telling the story of the lead singer (Joel) internal struggles as a teenager, taking a new path away from self destruction and into hope. It has received an Akademia award in May 2015 for best Alternative Rock EP.

The Naddiks have now created their own underground studio (literally) and are in the process of recording their next release (Stop.Listen.Love).


  • 98.3 FM 2XX (Live & Local) radio show
    Tim Duck October 20, 2012
The Naddiks' debut album 'Amber Sun' is the feature album/artist of the month for 2XX.
A live interview was conducted by Tim Duck with band members Joel Steenbergen & Kurt Schiffer.
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  • GemricoRadio

    Wilfredo Rodriguez May 11, 2013
Great interview with Wilfredo, check it out at
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  • ABC 666
    Tatjan Clancy September 24, 2013 It's one thing to be a proud dad when your son is part of a band whose music you respond to, it's quite another to then become the bands manager.
Richard Schiffer is the father of Kurt, bass player for Canberra indie rock trio The Naddiks.
Formed in 2009 and now featuring drummer Nick Steenbergen, the lads are influenced by sounds well before their time.
Lead singer Joel Steenburgen (older brother of Nick) cites bands like the Yardbirds, The Kinks, Pink Floyd and The Stooges when asked to name his influences, enjoying the less is more production values of a bygone era in music.
'Lots of people approach us and say they haven't seen anything like us in a while, They say it's real and honest which is how we also approach our mixing' says Joel.
But The Naddiks base their live persona on newer bands like The Vines.
'We definitely replicate all their crazy stage antics' admits Joel.
Which has unfortunately led to the band being asked to leave one particular Canberra Venue who were not so fond of their lack of cover material and tendency to push the limits of amp volume.
"When someone asks me to turn it down, that just makes me want to turn it up!'
As does their manager Richard, who loves nothing more than listening to David Bowie in the car at full throttle.
When I put it to him that there were two types of volume in a car - driver volume and passenger volume, Richard concurred that passenger levels didn't bear thinking about.
'I'd rather turn it off' he laughs.
Good man.
So great is his passion for local music, Richard is currently also involved with City Underground - a new monthly event held at Magpies Sports Club in Civic aimed at featuring various genres and providing a solid base to encourage local acts and attract interstate outfits.
The band have already recorded an album, Amber Sun, and hope to release an EP and tour more extensively as soon as funds allow it.
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  • National Youth Week Expo 2014 - Canberra
  • NeuFutur Magazine rates 8.6 out of 10

    February 27, 2015

    Lost and Found is a raucous track that sails on a fuzzy sea of guitars and intensively emotive vocals that are equal amounts Dexter Holland, Justin Sane, and Paul Westerberg. The dynamic between the guitars and drums creates something that is absurdly fast while possessing just enough order to properly wallop anyone that is listening in. Weekend Syndrome begins with an instrumental introduction that opens up to a blend of pre-Dookie Green Day and Jet. The styles of music that The Naddiks choose for the songs on the 21CB EP work well together and speak to a considerable swath of fans; there is as much Detroit rock as there is Crimpshrine-era California.21CB_-_The_Naddiks

    The Naddiks’  21CB takes a wholly different tack with Human Condition. The emotive, new romanticism-y guitar track and impassioned vocals showcases that the band can take up different standards at the drop of a hat. The band is able to make this track into something that is memorable. Into Your Arms is able to build off of the work of the late-eighties DC/Buffalo emotive scenes while establishing a contemporary sound.

    Twenty First Century concludes the 21CB, and the cut showcases The Naddiks’ ability to create a stomaching, catchy rock tune. The hint of punk accorded the track by the vocals provides an additional layer to the compositions; by adding all the pieces of the band in this composition, The Naddiks are able to give listeners an emphatic ending to the recording. While there are 6 tracks on the 21CB EP, I believe that The Naddiks have much to show fans. Make sure to visit their domain and social networking to hear samples from the EP, check out the latest news, and hear the newest efforts from the band.

    Top Tracks: Lost and Found, Into Your Arms

    Rating: 8.6/10


  • Akademia Music Awards

    Best Alt Rock EP    May 16, 2015

    The Naddiks latest release 21CB wins Best Alternative Rock EP

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  • The Chronicle

    Georgina Connery    July 07, 2015

    The Naddiks about to play at The Tranist Bar and lauch their new anti-bullying song, Stop.Listen.Love

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    Stop-Listen-Love has been a new, intense direction for Alternative Rock Band The Naddiks. Having come up with the concept late in 2014, we never knew just how engrossed in the project we would all become. We call it a project, however, it took on a life of its own, it transformed our concept of who we are as musicians, it's purpose became greater than the music and the industry in which we work. It was designed to capture the attention of both the victim and the bully, it's is a song about a person in pain and the perpetrator of that insidious crime, bullying. It was designed to raise awareness of those suffering and to change the minds of those causing the suffering. It was designed and created to help save lives! Teaming up with creative company/recording studio Band Express, The Naddiks, over the period of nearly 12 months wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered Stop.Listen&Love, starting with the actual building of the recording studio with Band Express co-managers Adam Lucerne and Richard Schiffer. Band member and lead singer Joel Steenbergen from The Naddiks, wrote, co-produced, mixed and mastered the final take (we called it 112, as it was on this take that all the pieces finally connected), before we were all satisfied the song was ready. The Naddiks have been involved with helping Youth since the recording at The Bondi Pavilion of 21CB (21st Century Believer), an EP about Joel's life from being close to self-destruction as a teenager with alcohol and partying, to being assaulted in the street by two assailants for no reason except to bash an unsuspecting victim, to finding his way through the mire and taking up his guitar for something more meaningful. Abandoning wanting to be a rock star, the alternative was to produce music with a purpose, in this case to help raise awareness of cyber bullying. In November 2014, having lunch at the back of the Australian National University, Joel, Richard and Adam Lucerne talked about Joel's next project, literally, how could we make a difference? Of course, the subjects of bullying, self-harm and drug abuse were amongst some of the topics of issues Youth of today face.Stop.Listen&Love was conceived right there and then, Joel literally driving home and composing the first draft of the song that night.12 months later, we are here, close to the launch of the actual song, however, it's not about the song, or the video or The Naddiks - it's about YOU, let's help stop the bullying today!

    Stop,Listen & Love